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Activities for attendees, friends and family

To have the best experience in San Sebastian we will organize several activities for you and your family. Come with them to visit us

Tours in San Sebastian

Code: sosort2022earra

1. Wednesday 4th, 2022

Visit the coast and Welcome cocktail

2. Thrusday 5th, 2022

Visit the winery and cidery

3. Friday 6th, 2022

Visit the Old Town and Gala dinner

4. Saturday 7th, 2022

Visit the winery

5. Sunday 8th, 2022

Basque Country Tour

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Cider houses, txooootx!

Cider is one of the locally-produced beverages par excellence: it is a seasonal produce made with the fruit of our apple trees using traditional methods.

Sport City & Basque Sports

Sport is hugely popular in San Sebastián, where you will find runners, bikers, roller-skaters, surfers...


Surf plays a major role in San Sebastián. Thousands of surfers from all over the world make their way to San Sebastián's Zurriola Beach with the sole pretext of taking to the waves.



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