Kursaal Zurriola

Welcome to San Sebastian,

It’s a very big pleasure for me to help you to visit my city when you arrive. You will experience many surprises and emotions during your trip.

San Sebastian has the honor to be the host of the SOSORT meeting in 2022. Last year we had everything ready to receive you, and now, having had one more year, paying even more attention to details, your days with us will be even more unforgettable.

Located in the north part of Spain, specifically in the Basque Region, at 20 km from the French border, San Sebastian is a small city, with 3 fantastic beaches and surrounded by mountains.

With under than 200.000 inhabitants is very easy to go from the Kursaal Congress Palace, our Venue in front of the Zurriola beach, to your hotel, to the old town or to the beach. In 2017 and 2018 San Sebastian has been the Best European Destination.

Now it is your opportunity to enjoy, for example, the world-famous gastronomy. It’s one of the best food destinations with the highest concentration in the world of Chefs with Michelin Stars, four restaurants, among the 4 Chefs they have 11 Michelin Stars. Make your reservation and surprise your senses in their company.

The Basque Culture is millenary and has a very strong relationship with nature, old traditions and rural activities.

Our native language is called Euskera. Do you want to learn the Basque language?



San Sebastian



Good morning

Egun on
Good bye



Now, I’m sure, that you are looking forward to booking your flight.

Coming from your city you can have stopovers/connecting flights in the most important European airports, Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle, Amsterdam, Germany or Turkey. And then arrive at one of the three airports close to San Sebastian: Bilbao is the most famous one and with more flights than the others. From the airports you have a bus to go directly to the Center of San Sebastian.

The City is waiting for you with open arms and hearts. All the organizing team is developing a moving experience for you, your family and your friends.

San Sebastian is waiting for you…
 … you’ll never forget it!!!!


Garikoitz Aristegui, PhD, PT, OT

  • Organizing Committee Chair
  • San Sebastian / Donostia, Basque Country